The Ryder Theme

Welcome to the Ryder theme example site!

Get started and Learn more about The Ryder theme for Hugo websites over at GitHub. If you leave all of the content on this page, this top box will not show up.

README file on github

Here is the theme namesake:

Featured Content

In posts On

By adding the homeFeature param to your front matter you can have the post show up at the top of the home page of your website.

C.T.A. buttons now take on the characteristic of the category style

CTA Buttons Take you places!

Home Feed Filtering and Colorization

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Limit your home page feed by Section, Category or Tag

You can now set params in your hugo.toml file to keep any pesky pages off your homepage that you may not wish to promote for whatever reason.

Leaflet Maps

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You can add a leaflet map to your website through the use of the leaflet shortcode.

Latest stuff


In categories On

A category homepage

To create a custom taxonomy list page like this one, just create a directory for the taxonomy, in this case categories and the term, here maps and create an in it with front matter like this:

a lot of fun stuff over there


You can get in touch with us at hello @, or through github issues.

Debug Panel

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I made a wrapper around this debug-hugo partial from kaushalmodi

To turn it on, set enabledebugpanel = true in front matter or add the same variable to the site params in hugo.toml.

A Randomized Peaceful Page

This one loads random background images because it has the front matter variables set. Another version of this page is peaceful and it will load just the one bg-image from the tailwind.

All About Hugo

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Background Written in Go, Hugo is an open source static site generator available under the Apache Licence 2.


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I modified the default menu.html partial sample code from the hugo docs to use the tailwindcss group-hover syntax.

A Peaceful Page

It is a truly peaceful moment. This is it, just place an image in your sites static/images directory called hidden-home-cover.


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The global alert This is setup in your hugo.toml configuration file. Multiple banners will be displayed for however many [[params.


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A list of all your content under posts will go here on this paginated section. If you only want to show the posts, just have no content on the index.

Markdown Syntax Guide

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This article offers a sample of basic Markdown syntax that can be used in Hugo content files, also it shows whether basic HTML elements are decorated with CSS in a Hugo theme.